Wood scraps to salamanders

I was given a bunch of art for my birthday this year, it will all eventually make it on the blog… but here are two really cool re-purposed scraps of wood that were painted with… what now? SALAMANDERS!! Recycling and salamander art? Can’t get much better than that. I particularly like the one with the beer bottle cap eyes.


Amphibian art for conservation

I found Leah Jay’s artwork when I was looking for artwork that captures the conservation of salamanders. Her artwork is… poetry. The use of watercolors and words to look like a combination of naturalist paintings and street art is just wonderful. I selected some works to share, but if you want to spend some time browsing, I recommend going to her website and going through her galleries. She has put together a book of her art in order to spread awareness about the amphibian extinction crisis.


Artwork by animals

Many zoos, as enrichment for the animals, have the animals creating paintings. When this first started, a few of the paintings would be auctioned off at special events, just for giggles, and they always sold extremely well. Now most zoos use the paintings as a funding source (you can find them in the gift shops, some are sold online, and some smaller zoos will even let you request a custom painting from a specific animal… for a hefty price).

I have had the pleasure of being involved in painting enrichment sessions (with reptiles, with rhinos, and with birds) and, actually, they seem to get a kick out of it. Some of the more personable turtles, particularly, like slapping the paint around.

I do enjoy the reptile paintings. I really love (which you can’t find images of online) the alligator (it might be a caiman, I can’t recall) paintings from Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. You can see it used the top of the tail and has the texture of the ridges. I need to pick one up next time I am there.