Joanna the Goanna getup

Let’s talk about Joanna the Goanna. Maybe some of you have never seen The Rescuers Down Under (laughable, but possible). Maybe it’s been a while since you saw it and you forgot the best character’s name. Because, really, the character that matters most in that movie… is Joanna the Goanna. Joanna is the side kick who is really rather abused by her evil poacher owner, Percival C. McLeach. I always felt pretty bad for her, honestly. He is super mean to her. I always wanted her to switch sides in the end. But, whatever, she steals the show and totally makes that movie.

Apparently people who like fashion agree. It’s been a thing for a while to make modern outfits on polyvore that represent Disney characters. Of course it started with the princesses, but then went to villains. Side kicks have made it into the mix. Joanna has not one, but FOUR, awesome outfits. And they are amazing. Three of them even feature eggs, which cracks me up (watch the movie, you’ll get it).



Outfits can all be found at polyvore:

Blue Dress set Here

Green dress set Here

T-shirt set Here

Pink shirt set Here