Guys… guys… These.

The bad news is I have been out of commission for a while, and I apologize. The good news is, I am one month away from FINISHING MY PHD! YAY! So I should be able to post things more regularly again. Hooray for all caudate, art, and weird animal fans.

As an apology, enjoy these amazing Toothless/ Night Fury sculptures.

If you feel the need to own one of these amazing works of art (as I do…), they can be found here: Demiurgus Dreams Etsy Shop



Holiday (Valentine’s Day) Book Selection: The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

For Valentine’s Day of 2015, curl up with a good book. A good quick read, I suggest The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove by Christopher Moore.



If you have read any of Christopher Moore’s books, you know they can be a little… whimsical? Off color? Fanciful? They usually have some link to science and what seems like a straight forward plot, and then go off on some outlandish, fantastical story line. They are great.

The Lust Lizard begins with the local psychiatrist of a small town, after a tragedy with one of her patients, fearing she hasn’t been giving her clients enough attention. She decides to change all her patients’ medications to placebos and spend more time listening to them.

Then the dragon comes to town.

The dragon (lizard? reptilian predator of some sort) comes ashore, both looking for a mate and hunting his old nemesis, a blues singer passing through town (I’m serious). The dragon is a unique predator that calms its prey by sending pheromones into the air. LOTS and LOTS of pheromones.

The town gets frisky.

People get eaten.

The Psychiatrist gets confused.

This doesn’t even touch on the fullness of the plot. The main character is the sheriff, there is a washed up actress who played a sexy barbarian in a bunch of old cult films, and just a slew of awesomeness. And the dragon is quite a character in himself.

So if you enjoy sex, drugs, dragons, and blues…. read The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove this Valentine’s Day!




Science Art

Is there a better combination than science and art? Emma Lazauski’s “Bestiary” collection gives definitive proof that, no, there is not.



Of COURSE this is what caught my attention. The "Hot Springs Salamander." Just... Awesome.

Of COURSE this is what caught my attention. The “Hot Springs Salamander.” Just… Awesome.

This "Smokey Serpent" reminds me of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent Aztec god.

This “Smokey Serpent” reminds me of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent Aztec god.

"Bottled Cryptocephus," looks like a nautilus trying to escape.

“Bottled Cryptocephus,” looks like a nautilus/crab thing trying to escape.

"Poison Spitter." I want a dragon in a bottle.

“Poison Spitter.” I want a dragon in a bottle. Or just a dragon.

"Bottled Pale Creature." Bad. Ass.

“Bottled Pale Creature.” Bad. Ass.

These are just selections. The rest of Bestiary, and her other collections, can be found at