Salamander Pendants by Metazoe

I came across these last night, and they are stunning. They are salamander pendants by Metazoe. I particularly like the “fire salamander.” Lovely use polymer clay. Enjoy!


Such nice colors!

“Fire Salamander.” Such nice colors!

"Blue spotted salamander"

“Blue spotted salamander”

Color options for the "blue spotted" model.

Color options for the “blue spotted” model.

"Rainbow salamander"

“Rainbow salamander”


Naturalist Jewelry…

I LOVE Stellanova Jewelry. I stumbled across these amazing, Victorian style creations a number of years ago during one of my random salamander Google searches. They are about $80 a piece, but they are SO worth the price. They look amazing in person, and each one has a uniqueness to it. I have an axolotl pendant (I have gone through 2, one was stolen from me) and a custom mudpuppy pendant (pictured below).

Stan, the mudpuppy

Stan, the mudpuppy

Being me, both my axolotl and mudpuppy have names. The axie is named Artemis, the mudpuppy is named Stan (short for Stanford). Tammy was amazing for the custom piece, she showed me a mock up of it and updated me along the way. She said she loves getting custom orders. I really want to do another custom one, I want a cave olm or a blue spotted salamander.

I also am very tempted to buy one of her nautilus pieces. I love cephalopods, and am particularly fond of the nautilus (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Fan?)

SUCH a cool animal. We will have to have a month devoted to them.


I also really like the mushroom. Mushrooms are just attractive.

♫ Alice in Wonderland, how did you get to wonderland...?

♫ Alice in Wonderland, how did you get to wonderland…?


Heck, I like them all. Check them out at