Art by Allison Julien

Jellyfish are beautiful. Scary. But beautiful. Natural works of art. No one I know appreciates this more than the artist Allison Julien. She captures their delicate, beautiful forms and adds a touch of whimsy.


“Jellyfish Dreams” 


“Jellyfish Salesman” (This is my favorite)

She also captures other, less appreciated natural wonders and presents a sense of mythology and mystery.



Prints of Allison’s works can be found and purchased at


Book of the Month: Frog Alphabet Book

*Featured Image: Frog Alphabet by Fruitful Designs

This month’s book of the month falls under the category of both art and book- it is one of Jerry Pallota’s Alphabet book series , illustrated by Ralph Masiello: “The Frog Alphabet Book.” This book is impressive, not only in artistic design, but in educational value. It uses specific species to represent letters of he alphabet and gives fun facts about each one. While it should be called the amphibian alphabet book (it uses newts, salamanders, and even caecilians), I like that it uses more than just frogs. As an aspiring herpetologist when I was a child, I would have LOVED this book. As an adult, and a herpetologist, I LOVE this book. Truly something all ages can enjoy.


Bottom line… “The Frog Alphabet Book” is awesome, for adults and kids  (this is coming from an adult who has no children, so take that as you will). I recommend it.





Creepy Anthropomorphic Ads….

Anthropomorphic animals can be adorable and Disney-like. They can also be super awesome like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They can also be kinda creepy.

These ads are … awesome. And a bit creepy. It’s clear they are going for creepy. And that’s awesome. I am going to stop before I just start saying awesome creepy, creepy awesome over and over again. Enjoy these creep-awesome ads for Uranium Denim.



Unken pose art!

I found this SUPER AMAZING print of a firebelly newt doing an unken pose:

Unken reflex!!

Unken reflex!!

and it led me to the Etsy shop Oni Oni Oni Art by SAG. Go check it out for art like these adorable works below!! I want them all… OOO, I think I have a frame that will fit all of them…



Salamander Stamps

I am not a stamp collector. I don’t know what sort of details make a stamp awesome, make it valuable, or make it worth looking at. But these stamps have salamanders on them. That is all I need to know. Some have really neat artwork. Enjoy browsing the gallery.


Salamanders + other animals = awesome

A few days ago, an announcement was made about the University of Edinburgh’s discovery of the “super salamander” fossil. The 6 foot salamander looks a bit like a amphibious crocodilian.

I want to hug it.

I want to hug it.

Of course, my first thought was “I want to ride it!”

This guy seems thrilled to ride a salamander. I want that thrill.

This guy seems thrilled to ride a salamander. I want that thrill.

But then I thought… 6 feet really isn’t that big, that is about the size of the Chinese giant salamanders, and they are not rideable. Sadness.

Then I thought about how they look like crocodiles’ and salamanders’ love children, and I remembered some artwork of a “salamander whale” I had seen, pictured below. I went around and found a few salamander-other animal combinations that you might enjoy.