Titan Thursday: Someone made an Otachi plush, and it couldn’t be more AWESOME

I was looking up resin models, and I found THIS. I am an AVID fan of Pacific Rim, and my favorite kaiju (“monster,” for any of you who have been so unlucky as to have not seen the film) has got to be Otachi… or really… the adorable little googly eyed Otachi baby.

Googly goo.

Googly goo.

When I saw that someone made an OTACHI PLUSH, it was a stop the presses moment. We all must revel in the absolute awesomeness and adorableness of this plushy Otachi (with baby!!!) made by “pookat” (Jennifer) at deviantart. I think the only thing that could have made it better (for lack of a better word, because honestly this is the best thing ever) would be to give it a pocket, like those “Puppy Surprise” toys from the 90s, that the baby could be inserted into and popped out of. It may not be as snuggly looking as the Japanese giant salamander plush, but this is amazing.