Salamanders in the snow!

Everyone around me is in a tizzy about the snow… I do live in a part of the country that hardly every sees the white fluffy stuff, but still… It’s all I’ve heard about today. So I thought I would post about salamanders in the snow!

In the winter, it is not uncommon to see salamanders in the snow. Because they are amphibians, people seem to think salamanders like warm or tropical weather, but there are VERY few species of salamanders that live in tropical areas. Salamanders like temperate to cool climates and tend to thrive in lower temperatures. Not all species of salamanders hibernate/brumate (brumation is a kind of less intense form of hibernation where the animal slows down but doesn’t enter deep sleep; some salamanders, like mudpuppies, actually brumate in the summer). Many species breed and are actually most active during the winter months. Ambystoma species are commonly seen migrating through snow, as some of these species breed in late fall to early winter, some breed in deep winter, and some breed in later winter to early spring. If you see a salamander in the snow (or in your garage in the winter) it is not in need of rescue. It is either trying to find a mate or just checking out the weather.

Enjoy some pictures of happy salamanders in the snow!