caudatART was started as an appreciation blog for salamanders (and other under-appreciated animals including reptiles, other amphibians, and invertebrates). The author currently works to improve assisted reproductive technologies (or ART) for salamanders in order to increase reproductive success in these animals. The ultimate goal of her research is to increase populations of threatened and endangered species of the order caudata (salamanders) with the use of ART as needed. Hence, caudatART. The purpose of this website is to share information about how amazing salamanders are, give brief updates on salamanders in science, and to show how they have inspired all different types of artists.

Hopefully if you have found yourself here, you are a fan of the wonderful, amazing, tailed amphibian members of the order caudata: the salamanders. Or maybe you like art. Or maybe Google decided to send me some readers. However you got here, the salamanders are pleased to have the attention.

If you like:

  • reptiles, amphibians (especially salamanders), or invertebrates
  • science and nature
  • animal inspired art

THIS is the place for you.

CaudatArt highlights artwork of all forms, and additionally features a book of the month.

CaudatArt also features a salamander species of the month, having a monthly post containing what are hopefully interesting facts and information on a single salamander species.

Occasional posts are made about updates and advances in scientific research, but this is not the focus of the blog.

Pictures are posted of all sorts of the less ostentatious species and of humans (safely) appreciating them.


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